185 Mt Tabor Rd, Buchanan, MI


Get set for a whirlwind of taste and fun at Tabor Hills Winery in the heart of Michigan’s famous wine country. This winery is a dream destination for anyone who loves great wine, friendly vibes, and memorable times.

Perfect for both wine aficionados and casual sippers, Tabor Hills will delight your palate and brighten your day. Gather your friends and immerse yourselves in the vibrant and flavorful world of Tabor Hills Winery!

History of Tabor Hills Winery

Since 1968, Tabor Hills Winery has been turning grapes into liquid gold. It all started with a dream to create wines that capture Michigan’s lush beauty. From a quaint family vineyard to a must-visit winery, Tabor Hills has made a name for itself with its commitment to fine wine and fresh thinking.

Holding onto its cozy, heartfelt roots, this winery mixes age-old winemaking traditions with cool new tech. It’s not just about winemaking here; it’s about fulfilling a family dream and creating a buzz among wine lovers everywhere.

The Wines

The lineup at Tabor Hills is a rollercoaster of flavors! Try their iconic whites like the zingy Riesling or the oaky-yet-fruity Chardonnay. The Rosé? It’s like summer in a glass. Red wine buffs, get ready for the Cabernet Sauvignon with its berry goodness or the silky Merlot.

Their sparkling wines are party-starters – fizzy and fabulous. The seasonal specials add a twist of fun to the classics, capturing Michigan in every sip. And hey, they’re all about green practices, so each bottle’s not just tasty – it’s eco-friendly. These wines aren’t just drinks; they’re chapters of Michigan’s story.

Winery Tours with Grape and Grain Tours

Hop on board for a fantastic tour at Tabor Hills Winery with Grape and Grain Tours! We’ve designed our tours for folks who love to have a good time. You’ll roam the vineyards, soak up some wine wisdom, and taste the best of Tabor Hills. This isn’t just a tour – it’s an adventure in every glass, a story in every sip. Are you ready to raise your glass to new discoveries?

Joining forces with Tabor Hills Winery, we at Grape and Grain Tours promise a tour that’s brimming with fun, flair, and fantastic wine tasting. Whether it’s a special celebration or a chill day out, Tabor Hills and Grape and Grain Tours are here to make sure it’s filled with laughter, learning, and top-tier wine. So here’s to awesome wine, great times, and the memories you’ll make at Tabor Hills Winery. Cheers to the good times ahead!

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