9145 Union Pier Rd, Union Pier, MI


Welcome to St. Julian Winery in Union Pier, MI, where every glass of wine is a toast to fun and quality. As a popular destination for social wine drinkers, St. Julian offers an atmosphere that’s both lively and inviting. Here, friends gather to explore, laugh, and savor an array of exquisite wines in a setting that’s all about enjoyment and making lasting memories.


Since 1941, St. Julian Winery has been all in the family, making it a real mainstay in Michigan’s winemaking scene. Passed down through four generations, this winery has always kept its eyes on creating top-notch wines and supporting local farming.

You’ll find their cozy tasting rooms dotted around Michigan, including Union Pier, where they invite everyone to kick back, enjoy their wines, and soak in the stories that have shaped their journey. It’s not just about tasting wine; it’s about being part of a long-standing winemaking legacy.

The Wines

At St. Julian Winery, their selection is all about variety and creativity. You’ll find everything from dry wines that have won global accolades to those sweet, indulgent dessert wines that everyone loves. And it’s not just wines; they also craft spirits like vodka, rum, and brandy, often using grapes in the mix. It’s their way of showing off a bit of that winemaking flair while exploring new tastes.

Winery Tours with Grape and Grain Tours

St. Julian Winery, teamed up with Grape and Grain Tours, is ready to show you a fantastic time with their wines. Famous for their huge selection, friendly vibe, and deep-rooted history, St. Julian is definitely a place you’ll want to check out. We’re all set to guide you through the diverse and delightful flavors that make St. Julian unique. Every visit here turns into a fun celebration of top-notch wine and awesome moments.

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