10983 Hills Rd, Baroda, MI 49101


Get excited for a visit to Round Barn Winery in Baroda, where fun and winemaking artistry come together! This place is a paradise for wine lovers and a fantastic spot for hanging out with friends. Get ready for a day filled with laughter, tasty wines, and an atmosphere that’s just buzzing with good vibes.


Round Barn Winery, a family endeavor since 1992 by the Moerschs, is steeped in a history rich with winemaking passion. This winery isn’t just a name; it’s a celebration of its agricultural heritage, cleverly mixing traditional methods with innovative twists. Throughout the years, Round Barn has stayed true to its mission of crafting standout wines that speak volumes about the region’s soil and weather, turning each bottle into a story.

The Wines

The wines at Round Barn are like liquid stories – each one reflecting the landscape and the dedication behind it. From zesty whites to full-bodied reds, there’s a flavor adventure waiting for everyone. Sourced from local grapes, these wines are a true representation of the area’s character. And the seasonal specials? They’re like a surprise party in a bottle, always something new and exciting. Tasting here is more than just drinking wine; it’s about connecting, discovering, and making moments you won’t forget.

Winery Tours with Grape and Grain Tours

Dive into the enchanting world of Round Barn Winery with Grape and Grain Tours. Our tours are a lively mix of behind-the-scenes peeks and fabulous wine tastings, the ideal way to unwind and learn something new. Join us at Round Barn, where we blend a journey through winemaking history with barrels of laughter and glasses brimming with joy. Here’s to unforgettable times at Round Barn

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