482 E Snow Rd, Baroda, MI 49101


Head over to Red Top Winery in Baroda, MI – a place where the art of winemaking gets a fun and innovative spin! Since opening its doors, Red Top has become the go-to spot for those eager to explore a fresh take on traditional tastes. It’s an absolute haven for social wine drinkers, brimming with new flavors and a vibrant, lively atmosphere for discovering your next favorite wine.


Since its inception, Red Top Winery has been shaking up the winemaking game with its unique flavors and bold ideas. Here, creativity isn’t just in the vineyard; it extends to using barrels previously home to bourbon, brandy, or tequila, adding exciting notes to each wine and cider. Red Top isn’t just about making wines and ciders; it’s about crafting a flavor adventure, a playground where each sip is a story of daring and delicious blending.

The Wines

Red Top Winery’s bottles are all about breaking the mold. Each wine and cider, made from locally grown grapes and apples, carries a unique twist – think aging in varied barrels or blending with bold flavors like jalapenos or peaches. Love sparkling wines and ciders? You’re in luck – half of what Red Top offers has those delightful bubbles. With unusual grapes like Chambourcin and Zweigelt, every glass is a chance to explore and find your new favorite. They get it – not every taste is for everyone, but the fun is in the flavor exploration.

Winery Tours with Grape and Grain Tours

Join Grape and Grain Tours for an exploration into the inventive world of Red Top Winery. Our tours are all about diving into their unique approach to winemaking and cider crafting. Perfect for the curious and the adventurous, these tours mix learning with a lot of tasting fun. In partnership with Red Top Winery, we offer a journey for those who love to venture beyond the usual into a world of unexpected and delightful wine and cider experiences.

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