321 State St, St Joseph, MI


Welcome to Lazy Ballerina Winery in St. Joseph, MI, a place where wine and whimsy blend beautifully. This winery is a favorite for those who love lively atmospheres and a fantastic variety of wines. It’s the perfect setting for socializing, offering an enjoyable and unique wine-tasting experience for all who seek a delightful escape.


Opened in 2015 by Melanie and Lauren, Lazy Ballerina Winery quickly became a cherished destination. With two tasting rooms located in lovely beach towns along Lake Michigan, the winery provides an ideal backdrop for their vision: to create a relaxed and enchanting wine experience, harmonizing leisure with the art of winemaking.

The Wines

Lazy Ballerina Winery’s wine selection is a celebration of Michigan’s Great Southwest’s bounty. They offer everything from classic Chardonnay and full-bodied dry reds to delightful sweet fruit wines, catering to a wide array of tastes. Each wine is carefully crafted, showcasing the region’s wine-producing excellence and the winery’s dedication to quality and diversity.

Winery Tours with Grape and Grain Tours

Discover the joys of Lazy Ballerina Winery with Grape and Grain Tours. Our tours are a delightful blend of fun exploration and learning, showcasing the winery’s varied wine offerings. Perfect for socializing and unwinding, these tours are designed for anyone eager to explore the nuances of wine in a relaxed, sociable environment.

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