750 Browntown Rd, Buchanan, MI


Get ready for a lively time at Hickory Creek Winery in Buchanan, MI – where wine, fun, and friendship blend seamlessly. This winery is all about the joy of mingling and savoring each sip in a laid-back yet exciting setting. It’s the ideal place for a fab day out, where every glass is not just wine but a story of flavor and passion.


Hickory Creek Winery, blooming since 2006 in Michigan’s vibrant wine country, is a hub of winemaking dedication and grape love. Known for their European-style wines from estate-grown grapes, they’ve grown from a quaint venture into a local favorite.

They’re all about small-batch magic, capturing the unique essence of Michigan in each bottle. At Hickory Creek, it’s not just about making wine; it’s about celebrating the marriage of traditional methods and fresh ideas, creating wines that are as full of character as they are of taste.

The Wines

Over at Hickory Creek Winery, they’ve got a lineup that’s sure to impress any wine enthusiast. Specializing in dry reds, rosés, and whites, they also have some lovely off-dry options. Their earthy Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon are top picks, but there’s more. 

Try their 2021 Dry Riesling or the crisp Grüner Veltliner for a refreshing twist. And if you’re feeling adventurous, their 2021 Test Pilot is a fascinating choice. Not to mention the 2022 Chardonnay and Tiger Lily Dry Rosé that are like a dose of summer.

With their commitment to small-batch production, every wine is a discovery of flavor and fun – perfect for our tours where each tasting becomes a delightful exploration.

Winery Tours with Grape and Grain Tours

Join Grape and Grain Tours for an exciting exploration at Hickory Creek Winery. Our tours are a fantastic combination of informative insights and enjoyable wine tastings, right in the welcoming setting of Buchanan’s wine country. We focus on fun and education, offering a chance to learn about winemaking while sipping some excellent wines.

In collaboration with Hickory Creek, we’re committed to making each visit an adventure filled with laughter, new discoveries, and creating great memories in this cheerful and hospitable winery

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