8986 1st St, Baroda, MI


Welcome to Chill Hill Winery in downtown Baroda, MI, a haven where tranquility meets the joy of wine. This winery, a fusion of lakeside relaxation and country comfort, is the ideal spot for social wine drinkers to gather, share stories, and enjoy superb wines in a casual yet captivating setting.


Chill Hill Winery, established in 2019, is a fresh face in Southwest Michigan’s winery scene, yet it carries a rich legacy. The Nitz family, behind this charming winery, has been part of the region’s agricultural fabric for seven generations, with their first grape vineyard dating back to 1893.

Located in the heart of downtown Baroda, Chill Hill is known for its distinct setting that beautifully marries the ease of lakeside life with the charm of country living, making it an appealing destination for a diverse group of visitors.

The Wines

Chill Hill Winery prides itself on a diverse wine selection, featuring over 30 different grape varieties. This range caters to all palates, from those who favor the dry to those who savor the sweet. Notably, their innovative homemade sangrias change with the seasons, offering fresh, flavorful twists. Moreover, Chill Hill’s hard ciders are a standout, crafted with 100% Michigan apples and unique blends that distinguish them from the usual offerings.

Winery Tours with Grape and Grain Tours

Join Grape and Grain Tours for a lively and entertaining visit to Chill Hill Winery. Our tours are all about fun and exploration, offering a chance to delve into winemaking and taste their eclectic wines, seasonal sangrias, and unique hard ciders.

Perfect for a relaxing day out with friends, these tours capture the essence of Chill Hill’s inviting and enjoyable atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the variety and charm of Chill Hill Winery, an ideal spot for those who love to unwind and indulge in great wine in great company.

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