Baroda Founders
Wine Cellar

8963 Hills Rd, Baroda, MI


Welcome to the lively world of Baroda Founders Wine Cellar in Baroda, MI – where wine, laughter, and good times are always on the menu. This winery isn’t just about making great wine; it’s about making great memories too. It’s the go-to spot for anyone who loves chilling with friends, sipping on fantastic wines, and having a blast.


Baroda Founders Wine Cellar is more than just a winery – it’s a piece of Michigan’s wine history, thanks to the visionary Len Olson. Olson has infused every bottle with his passion and know-how, making this place a wonderland of wine. Under his guidance, the winery has become a hotspot of creativity and a symbol of blending the old with the new, making it a favorite for wine enthusiasts far and wide.

The Wines

Baroda Founders Wine Cellar is like a treasure trove of wines – there’s something here for everyone. From the beloved classics in the Lake Michigan Shore Series to the zesty fruit-flavored wines in the Baroda Antique Series, and the oh-so-luxurious chocolate-infused dessert wines, each sip is a mini-celebration. Every bottle tells the story of the winery’s passion for quality and adventure in flavors.

Winery Tours with Grape and Grain Tours

Get ready for a day of sheer fun at Baroda Founders Wine Cellar with Grape and Grain Tours! We’re all about showing you a great time as we explore the incredible variety of wines and uncover the secrets of winemaking. It’s the ultimate combo of fun, friends, and fantastic wine – perfect for those who love to mix a bit of learning with a lot of leisure. With Baroda Founders Wine Cellar and our tours, every moment is about celebrating the joy of wine and the power of good company.

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