4110 Red Arrow Hwy, Benton Harbor, MI


Welcome to the inviting world of 2121 Vineyards in Benton Harbor, MI, where every sip of wine brings a touch of happiness and a relaxed vibe. This is a favorite spot for social wine drinkers, offering an ideal setting for unwinding and enjoying the moment. At 2121 Vineyards, visits are always memorable, filled with smiles, delightful wine, and great company.


121 Vineyards sprang from Deborah and Jeffrey Pallas’ love for hosting friends amidst Southwest Michigan’s beauty. This winery, with its lush vineyards and cool vibes, is all about the good life. The outdoor patio is your slice of heaven to chill with wine, cider, and some tasty bites, all while soaking in the gorgeous vineyard views. Here, it’s easy to lose track of time with their amazing variety of wines, ciders, and oh-so-fun wine slushies.

The Wines

Over at 2121 Vineyards, it’s all about a wine adventure. From the robust Cabernet Franc to the elegant Seyval and the velvety Cabernet Sauvignon, every wine is a masterpiece. They play around with fruit infusions, giving each wine a unique twist that’s both traditional and totally now. Ready for a bold red or a crisp white? Each bottle is a celebration in a glass, guaranteed to make every wine lover’s heart sing.

Winery Tours with Grape and Grain Tours

Join us, Grape and Grain Tours, for an absolutely delightful day at 2121 Vineyards. Our tours are a mix of fun and learning, perfect for a day out with your crew. It’s all about discovering the magic of winemaking while enjoying some top-notch wines. Great for groups looking to laugh, learn, and sip together, these tours are where good times roll and new memories are made. So gather your friends and dive into the relaxed, joyous world of 2121 Vineyards – your go-to spot for unforgettable wine experiences.

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