12 Corners

1201 N Benton Center Rd, Benton Harbor, MI


Welcome to 12 Corners Vineyards in Benton Harbor, MI – a place where the joy of winemaking and the spirit of socializing merge seamlessly. As a favored destination for those who love to mingle and enjoy exquisite wines, 12 Corners offers a fun and vibrant atmosphere that’s perfect for any social wine drinker looking for a memorable experience.


12 Corners Vineyards, established in 2012, is the creation of a group of friends who shared a vision of producing exceptional wines in their home state of Michigan. Located on a sprawling 115-acre estate, the vineyard is a testament to their commitment to winemaking and community spirit. This venture represents more than just viticulture; it’s a story of camaraderie, dedication, and a deep connection to the land, making 12 Corners a unique and cherished part of Michigan’s wine country.

The Wines

At 12 Corners Vineyards, the wine list is a showcase of variety and quality. Here, wine lovers can enjoy a range of varietals, including the crisp Riesling, the robust Cabernet Franc, the smooth Merlot, the refined Chardonnay, and the aromatic Traminette.

Each wine is carefully crafted to highlight the unique characteristics of the vineyard’s terroir, providing a diverse palette of flavors for every visitor. These wines are a reflection of the vineyard’s passion for excellence and innovation in winemaking.

Winery Tours with Grape and Grain Tours

Join Grape and Grain Tours at 12 Corners Vineyards for an experience that blends socializing with the allure of winemaking. Our tours are not just about learning; they’re about having fun with friends, diving into the vineyard’s wine production, and enjoying tastings of their celebrated wines.

12 Corners Vineyards offers a lively, welcoming environment, making it a fantastic destination for groups who love to share the joy of discovering new wines. It’s the perfect setting for creating memorable moments while exploring the diverse selections and engaging stories behind each bottle. Gather your friends and come experience the vibrant spirit of 12 Corners, where every visit is a celebration of great wine and great company.

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