398 E Lemon Creek Rd, Berrien Springs, MI


Buzz on over to Domaine Berrien Cellars in Berrien Springs! This place is a wine lover’s playground, where classic winemaking gets a zesty modern twist. It’s the ultimate hangout for a fabulous wine-tasting adventure. So, round up your pals for an incredibly fun day filled with top-notch wines and the best of times.


Domaine Berrien Cellars started its wine adventure with a dream to craft standout wines that truly showcase the Berrien Springs’ unique charm. It’s a family affair, founded in 1992 by the Moersch family, and they’ve been all about blending heartfelt passion for winemaking with a commitment to top-quality. They’ve nailed the art of mixing time-honored methods with a bit of modern flair, creating wines that aren’t just delicious but are also stories in a bottle.

The Wines

Talk about variety! Domaine Berrien Cellars offers everything from light and breezy whites to bold and intriguing reds. Every batch gets VIP treatment, so each sip is a little taste of winemaking magic. Keep an eye out for their seasonal hits and limited-edition creations – they’re like little surprises in your wine journey, making every visit a new and exciting flavor fest.

Winery Tours with Grape and Grain Tours

Let’s go on a wine-derful adventure at Domaine Berrien Cellars with Grape and Grain Tours! We’ll show you around their lush vineyards and cool cellars while you sample some of the finest wines they have to offer. Our tours strike the perfect balance between fun discovery and chill vibes, all set in the gorgeous backdrop of the winery.

Together with Domaine Berrien Cellars, we’re all about bringing you a wine experience that’s both engaging and totally enjoyable. This winery’s known for its delightful wines and the serene splendor of its setting. Join us for an outing that’s sure to be full of new favorite wines and moments that turn into treasured memories.

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